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About Phat Cruiser

New Videos Published Tuesday's at 7am Aussie Eastern Time!

G'day trend setters, you're onboard with Phat Cruiser, your friendly Illawarra Motovlogger!

Join me on my adventures on a totally phat Yamaha V-Star 650 named Stella as I progress from learner rider, hooning around the beautiful Illawarra region in NSW, Australia. Who knows, you might just get a laugh out some of the shit I say and maybe, just maybe you'll find something that peaks your interest.

What really drives me to do what I do is the interaction with the people that watch my videos and follow my posts on social media. So please make sure that if you do take an interest in what I do, please comment on my videos and posts or just take a moment of your time to just say hello. All of my social links are down in the footer of this website so I'm never hard to find.

Ride safe and I'll catch you on the flip side!