Popping My Old Pac Cherry with itsRDtime

I finally got to visit one of Sydney’s most iconic motorcycle roads, the Old Pacific Highway or Old Pac for short. After riding up with Krieger650 we met a stack of other Sydney, central coast and Newcastle motovloggers at Pie in the Sky. After a brief chit chat we mounted up and went for a spin on Old Pac’s twisties, stopping for the usual motovlogger fapping about at The Slab where I put the first of my Phat Cruiser stickers on the barrier.

From there we continued up to The Tunnel where plenty of shenanigans ensued.

It was awesome once again to meetup with a stack of motovloggers, both those I has met before and those, like itsRDtime who I met for the very first time. It’s always a great time hanging out with the motofam.

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